"I'll show you the life of the mind …"



Born in Hopewell, Virginia... Lost in New Bern, NC and F-L-A... Found at the beach. Father. Partner. Writer.

Music… Is music.

I was told today by someone I spend a lot of time with that my musical tastes are reverting. A dig attempt for sure. But it's still better than staying the same. Rust never sleeps, y'all.

The internet as it should be…

Stumbled upon a blog from years back ... Only in the Way Back Machine now. And it's exactly what the internet should be. Thank you person out there for writing a beautiful paragraph. I could only hope to do something... Continue Reading →

Trees Lounge

As a kid, I fell two stories out of the magnolia tree beside my house after a spider crawled on my hand. Guy painting the house saw it and ran to my mom. Tree is still there, a little wobbly... Continue Reading →


Since I was 5 years old, this has been my home. There have been years I don't come back. I regret that now. But it has always been a sanctuary. A place I could go and feel safe. Feel loved.... Continue Reading →


The last 40 or so hours are going to be virtually impossible for me to recover from. Personally. Professionally. As a human. Fuck.

Shit sticks & America

I'm sitting here watching the Minions and eating shitty Pizza Hut with my son. My mom is in the hospital 3 hours away. And I'm thinking about work. Piling up. Stuff not getting finished. America. You are a fucking shit... Continue Reading →


You know it's bad when you're looking on auction sites in Spain. But, it's how I'm wired. Can't get past it. Not sure I should. I'll be stopping by again soon. It's time.


The more I read about Aphantasia, the more so much about my memories begin to make sense. The more my struggles with reading, with creative writing fall into place. I've never had a mind's eye, apparently. But, I'd never thought... Continue Reading →

Anniversaries Suck

Tulane Ave. Back in August 2005, I was damn happy with my life. Except one piece (NC vs FL). I got into my old Toyota Celica a few days before Katrina was to hit New Orleans, stupidly thinking how great... Continue Reading →

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