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A new blog! Just what we need!

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You know it's bad when you're looking on auction sites in Spain. But, it's how I'm wired. Can't get past it. Not sure I should. I'll be stopping by again soon. It's time.


The more I read about Aphantasia, the more so much about my memories begin to make sense. The more my struggles with reading, with creative writing fall into place. I've never had a mind's eye, apparently. But, I'd never thought... Continue Reading →

Anniversaries Suck

Tulane Ave. Back in August 2005, I was damn happy with my life. Except one piece (NC vs FL). I got into my old Toyota Celica a few days before Katrina was to hit New Orleans, stupidly thinking how great... Continue Reading →


I was thinking of story idea starts today... "How much different would my life be today if I hadn't found out my dad died via text from an ex-girlfriend?" Short story. Because after 10 seconds of thought, the answer is... Continue Reading →

Not a fan…

I was just putting my 6 year old son's dirty waffle dish in the sink. After scooping the leavings in the kitchen trash can, I placed the fork and plate in the sink. I got a little bit of syrup... Continue Reading →

Stereo junkie

I don't know when my obsession with old stereo stuff started. I guess when I got a Panasonic record player/radio/8-track on eBay in 2000 or so. It was boxed and in perfect shape. I figure it was a return to... Continue Reading →

Ignore that door… (or blog)

I think about Richard Hell and the Voidoids singing. And I decided it was time to blog again. I looked at my site, saw it's been since Jan. 2018. Damn. So, here I am. Not much to say, honestly. But... Continue Reading →

More stuff, day 6

Another pair of Sambas bites the dust. These were the "hemp" styled ones from Journeys. The started falling apart a while ago, became lawn mowing shoes. Left them outside, it snowed, now they're complete trash. Bye.

More stuff, day 5

Elvis guitar magnet. Part of a big set that Emily gave me (I think?). Izzy enjoyed it for a bit. Throwing it out.

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