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Veston “Bunky” Stewart

One day I was sitting in my office at the Sun Journal in New Bern when Bunky Stewart walked in. He told the secretary he wanted to talk to the editor about baseball. What unfolded was a year-long relationship with... Continue Reading →

Flashback #4 : Carmen

Here's another story from the Wilson Times, this was in September of 2013. I went out to the school that day looking to do a quick column on something I spotted at a match earlier in the week. The team... Continue Reading →

Flashback #3

Here's an article I did while at the Wilson Times newspaper from June of 2013. It's on Wilson native Jay Bissette, who works as the equipment manager for many sports at Duke University. It's the type of story I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Print … Flashback #2

I don't know what this says about things. If anything. I started freelancing almost immediately after I got laid off from my last newspaper job. It's been interesting. Frustrating. Educating. Exciting. Lots of other ings. But one thing it hasn't... Continue Reading →

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