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You know it's bad when you're looking on auction sites in Spain. But, it's how I'm wired. Can't get past it. Not sure I should. I'll be stopping by again soon. It's time.

Anniversaries Suck

Tulane Ave. Back in August 2005, I was damn happy with my life. Except one piece (NC vs FL). I got into my old Toyota Celica a few days before Katrina was to hit New Orleans, stupidly thinking how great... Continue Reading →


I was thinking of story idea starts today... "How much different would my life be today if I hadn't found out my dad died via text from an ex-girlfriend?" Short story. Because after 10 seconds of thought, the answer is... Continue Reading →

Stereo junkie

I don't know when my obsession with old stereo stuff started. I guess when I got a Panasonic record player/radio/8-track on eBay in 2000 or so. It was boxed and in perfect shape. I figure it was a return to... Continue Reading →

Ignore that door… (or blog)

I think about Richard Hell and the Voidoids singing. And I decided it was time to blog again. I looked at my site, saw it's been since Jan. 2018. Damn. So, here I am. Not much to say, honestly. But... Continue Reading →

More stuff, day 5

Elvis guitar magnet. Part of a big set that Emily gave me (I think?). Izzy enjoyed it for a bit. Throwing it out.

The stuff, Day 91

A baby from a king cake. Kept as a memory. Of New Orleans, I'm guessing. A memory that faded to nothing. See ya.

Archie’s Chapter 1…

Years of sitting on a bar stool, from Virginia to Arizona to Louisiana to North Carolina to Florida and back to many of those places again hasn’t eased the loneliness one bit. Friends always tell you that time heals all... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 59

A golf ball. Maybe at some point in my life it had meaning. Maybe I found it somewhere while something interesting was happening with someone important. I've only played golf twice. Once with my grandfather, the other with my brother... Continue Reading →

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