"I'll show you the life of the mind …"



Dreaming in semi — colons

Sitting in my house, staring at the wind blowing the plethora of flags in straight lines away from the coast, I decided I needed to do something. But first I took my shoes off. I went over eight months without... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 19

Digging in an old shoebox full of writings in notepads, all these coasters greeted me. They come mostly from the years 2009-2011, but a couple are before and a couple after. I used them a lot while drinking alone at... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 17

My mom gave me her and dad's old dish set years ago. Part of that growing up thing. I don't use them anymore, they've been wrapped up since I moved to Raleigh from the coast in 2012, so today I... Continue Reading →

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