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death of journalism

The stuff, Day 89

This parking pass is from my then minimum wage job, now $7.75/hr. job... I figured I'd be there at most a couple months. Then I'd have a new full-time gig writing or editing and be done. With a new career!... Continue Reading →

Depression and Schwinn

I got off my ass today.  Two days after weighing myself and seeing 242. I only was that high once before - 2005-06. I got back to 198, but that was drinking, not eating, exercising, and crying... I'll be the... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 82

Jek Porkins. Bought this years ago. Put it on my desk at work at the Sun Journal. Those days died. Since, it's been on a shelf. Giving it to my son Izzy to destroy now.

The stuff, Day 79

When I was a paid journalist, I used to buy other journalists' books. Hone your craft kinds of lofty ideals and all. Journalism doesn't love me. Never did. I'm not in love anymore. See ya Lewis. To the scrap heap... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 53

This book... Was given to the staff at the last newspaper I worked at. It's the same old b.s. packaged again and sold as innovative. The solution ended up being layoffs, of which I was one. Sinking ships are interesting.... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Days 40, 41 & 42

Life happened, but the purge isn't deterred. First... A cool old Pringles can. When I bought it for a quarter in a thrift store years ago, it had cool old tennis balls inside. Izzy long ago got a hold of... Continue Reading →


Echoes are the first thing you notice walking into this once-proud room. Even if moccasins are being worn, footsteps are impossible to hide. Friends and enemies alike are gone. Debates are few. Arguments, non-existent. When a phone rings now, the... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 33

I used to be a drunk.  I drank over a woman. A redheaded woman. A lot. Wasted my mid 30s and my career. This flask helped. Not anymore.

The stuff, Day 31

Sorry for the lack of content of late... Got busy with freelance, the kiddo, and life. Sportswriter. That's how I defined myself. Since 1992. These were all gifts as folks knew me as the guy who writes about sports. I... Continue Reading →

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