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The stuff, Day 22

Cleaned out another shoe box of crap today. Found such important things like a rental agreement for a U-Haul from 2010, my receipt for my last electric bill when I lived in Greenville, NC, a bunch of envelopes with addresses... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 21

Three weeks into my journey of de-clutterization, I'm happy that I've stayed the course. Now, if I can get back on track with writing life will be back on track. But this shedding of crap, stuff, possessions is part of... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 12

I got bogged down with life today, but found the time to put up an eBay listing for this KISS shirt (starts Wednesday if interested). Someone gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. Probably my sister, but... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 11

NASCAR things.  They were my dad's. We went to a couple races when I was a kid in Richmond. I don't remember them at all. These were his. I got them when he died in 2015. They've sat in a... Continue Reading →

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