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New Orleans

Anniversaries Suck

Tulane Ave. Back in August 2005, I was damn happy with my life. Except one piece (NC vs FL). I got into my old Toyota Celica a few days before Katrina was to hit New Orleans, stupidly thinking how great... Continue Reading →

More stuff, Day 2

Ugh. I miss New Orleans. These are from my last Mardi Gras, 2010. Don't feel the need to keep 'em.

The stuff, Day 91

A baby from a king cake. Kept as a memory. Of New Orleans, I'm guessing. A memory that faded to nothing. See ya.

The stuff, Day 78

A pair of CD-RWs, circa 2005. That was a strange year. So full of both the feeling of it all coming together and loneliness. I spent a lot of time alone. I went to Vegas. I almost went to New... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 57

A framed picture of old New Orleans that an ex-girlfriend gave me. No attachment. No real memory. Just love that town. Miss that town. Bye.

The stuff, Day 55

Here is a bearded oyster from Muses. Been carrying it around since the day I found it. It's dusty. That made me chuckle. Sophomoric humor. Some may say it's bad if ne to chuck it, not schuck. Bye.

The stuff, Day 39

This suitcase doesn't have much to tell. Bought it to go to England and Ireland back in 2011. My buddy Josh made it possible, otherwise I never would've gone. It sat for a while after that, full of old clothes.... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 38

I tend to hold on to magazines. Read, unread, half read, never gonna get read. This pile will be tossed today. It's especially hard because these are mostly New Orleans mags. I never want to stop learning about the place... Continue Reading →

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