"I'll show you the life of the mind …"

The stuff, Day 64

Beta. Max. Steve. McQueen. Great movie, too. Waste of 99¢, yep. Tried selling it. Failed. Junk.

The stuff, Day 63

This cup... Was from my dad and I's trip to spring training in 2009. It was our last one. As a very sentimental person, this one's a toughie. Kid enjoyed putting dirt in it today.

The stuff, Day 62

Thought I would read this one day. When I lived in Arizona. I MOVED from there in September 1998. Yeah. I'm not going to read it. And if I'd invested that $6, I'd have about $15.30 at around 5%. 🤣... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 61

A Coney Island Steamer. I heard that. You chuckled too. Another in the vast Generation X version of hipsters, buying silly, yet cool crap. My son was intrigued by it... "What's that?" "It cooks hot dogs."  "Make some," he replies.... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 60

Here's one for the "duh" pile. An unopened pack of party napkins. Lugged these aroun for a decade and a half or so, saying "I'll find a good time to yank 'em out." Of course, never did. So, the kiddo,... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 59

A golf ball. Maybe at some point in my life it had meaning. Maybe I found it somewhere while something interesting was happening with someone important. I've only played golf twice. Once with my grandfather, the other with my brother... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 58

(first in a gaggle of make-up posts to come today) Yes, it's exactly what it looks like... A magazine article, ripped out. Tossed about. Wrinkled. Out of order. Read. And promised to be looked at later for "ideas." Trash. It.


Nah.  I got a new job, finally. So, posting has been a low priority. That will change tomorrow. I've got a lot of things tossed, donated, or sold. See, new job, Oxford comma nonsense...

The stuff, Day 57

A framed picture of old New Orleans that an ex-girlfriend gave me. No attachment. No real memory. Just love that town. Miss that town. Bye.

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