"I'll show you the life of the mind …"



The stuff, Day 54

Broken old baseball card holders. "I can use them someday," I've said a million times about a million things. See ya.

The stuff, Day 53

This book... Was given to the staff at the last newspaper I worked at. It's the same old b.s. packaged again and sold as innovative. The solution ended up being layoffs, of which I was one. Sinking ships are interesting.... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 33

I used to be a drunk.  I drank over a woman. A redheaded woman. A lot. Wasted my mid 30s and my career. This flask helped. Not anymore.

The stuff, Day 29

This non-descript bag of stuff. I’ve carried it around for decades now. It has come in handy many times. But it’s also full of crap. Crap that has no use. But, I hold on to it. Why? Because it’s come... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 27

When I was a bachelor, living the lonely existence of drinking, writing, and staring at the ocean I bought a lot of DVDs. Going in the trash...

The stuff, Day 14

Two weeks in, and while it's not getting more difficult to part with stuff, which I'm sure it will eventually, it's getting hard to find the time to figure out what. But, that is inherently the problem. I have too... Continue Reading →

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