Two weeks in, and while it’s not getting more difficult to part with stuff, which I’m sure it will eventually, it’s getting hard to find the time to figure out what.

But, that is inherently the problem. I have too much crap.

Today, I chose two books:

“Harry Caray’s Restaurant Cookbook” and “Love All the People”.


I bought the Harray Caray book at a thrift store. I thought, “Hey, make some cool junk food that will be funny too.”

Never did.

The Bill Hicks book LATP I got online a while ago, read parts of it, and then tucked it away. My fiancée got me a copy for Christmas two years ago, and that gave me two. Never had the heart to tell her I already had it, but oh well. If she reads this, she’ll know. Hi, Alisa!

I am going to send each of these books to a friend. They can read ’em, toss ’em in the trash, or donate ’em. I don’t care. It’s up to them. It’ll cost me a few bucks to do so, but eh, what is money anyway? Says the poor man. Right. I get it…

Anyway, if you’d like a book, or a trinket, or something else of mine, just ask in the comments.

Check ya later…