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The stuff, Day 85

May try some ketchup today.... This book mocks me... In headier times, I bought it. Those solitary days (and nights) of living alone, drinking, eating, listening to music, watching movies, and reading. I'm a dad now, which means I know... Continue Reading →

Rob, Halford

“Does anyone really even like T.Rex?” she said with a shrug. “I fucking love T. Rex,” I thought to myself sitting there watching this 20-something gal pontificate on the importance of Marc Bolan’s output. While T.Rex certainly deserves some love,... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 56

A lawn chair. Purchased in 2001. The first piece of furniture at 312 Rotary Avenue in Greenville, NC. Lots of memories here. I sat on it a lot. When I moved to Greenville before my ex came down it was... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 19

Digging in an old shoebox full of writings in notepads, all these coasters greeted me. They come mostly from the years 2009-2011, but a couple are before and a couple after. I used them a lot while drinking alone at... Continue Reading →

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