A lawn chair.

Purchased in 2001. The first piece of furniture at 312 Rotary Avenue in Greenville, NC.

Lots of memories here.

I sat on it a lot. When I moved to Greenville before my ex came down it was just about all I sat on.

It moved to Gainesville, Florida, with her as she went to UF and I stayed. I still remember it sitting on that cool old porch with hers. We sat on it together once. The stories it could probably tell…

When we broke up, I took it to New Bern, NC. I read, wrote and drank in it 

Almost always solo.

It moved back to Greenville for my lost period. To Richmond, Virginia, for the sad year, then to Atlantic Beach, NC. There, I bought another lawn chair. The old one got left outside more and more. The original tag finally fell off. I still sat and read and wrote and drank in it.

Then it moved to Raleigh.

And started to rot. Pieces fell off last summer when neighbor kids jumped on it.

“I’ll fix it,” I said.

Never did.

It sat out all winter. Getting sadder and sadder.

Now, with summer close, I’m saying farewell. You were a damn good chair…