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New Bern

Anniversaries Suck

Tulane Ave. Back in August 2005, I was damn happy with my life. Except one piece (NC vs FL). I got into my old Toyota Celica a few days before Katrina was to hit New Orleans, stupidly thinking how great... Continue Reading →

The stuff, Day 56

A lawn chair. Purchased in 2001. The first piece of furniture at 312 Rotary Avenue in Greenville, NC. Lots of memories here. I sat on it a lot. When I moved to Greenville before my ex came down it was... Continue Reading →

Veston “Bunky” Stewart

One day I was sitting in my office at the Sun Journal in New Bern when Bunky Stewart walked in. He told the secretary he wanted to talk to the editor about baseball. What unfolded was a year-long relationship with... Continue Reading →

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