I tend to be good at coaching and mentoring. If you are open to it.

In the past, I developed a reputation among folks. Some thought I was a complete ass, others thought I was the bee’s knees.

And it all went back to openness and your love of the craft of journalism. If you didn’t respect it, you were nothing to me. And some didn’t understand.

Today, I mail out this book to a person who has my old job. A job I left for the wrong reason, heartbreak, and then could never go back. Career-wise one of 2 regrets. But… I would most likely not have met Alisa and Izzy wouldn’t be here. So I don’t dwell.

He’s a big UT fan, this is an old UT book. I’ll wish him well, as I have all of my successors, even one who apparently took to social media years ago to bash me… But I was a heartbroken, drunk, self-loading person then… It’s a position I hold on high regard and want the person to succeed…