Maybe I’m being dumb, maybe not.

Always been sentimental, it’s how I ended up with so much. My inability to let go of the past, to confront it, to move on.

This was my dad’s calculator. The trusty Hewlett Packard 18C everyone owned in the “old days,” or the 1970s and 1980s. I’m sure he had it for a long time. I found it in his briefcase after he died. He had an old tuition bill of mine from  UVa. A couple of my articles. A bumper sticker and info from when he dropped me  a off for college. He never came back in 4+ years… I took it months later, the calculator.

It’s got his name scratched on the back.

Now, to me it’s a burden. I’m not a bad person for not wanting it anymore. Just like I’m not a bad person for my lack of ability to forget. But one day, most likely, I won’t be able to remember… Maybe I’ll regret it then…