This one is one of the toughest.

I fucking love(d) these shoes. Adidas Samba II (Jade)…

They walked me through the best, and worst, parts of my life.

I got drunk a lot in these shoes. I traveled a lot in these shoes.

They have been to over 30 states. They have seen my heart broken. They’ve seen my son.

I got them on eBay a long time ago. I fell in love with them the moment I found out they existed. Once they were broken in, they were awesome. I wore them everywhere. Weddings, work, bars, driving, walking, eating, etc.

Years ago, the soles fell off. I glued them back on (badly) and pretty much never wore them again. But I kept them. As a reminder. And to keep my mind sharp if they ever came up on eBay again.

They did about two years ago now. I got those. A size too small, since my feet are still growing. (Up to 14.5 now). And I don’t wear the new ones often. I hopefully will one day, but I think the thrill is gone.

And now so are these shoes…