Nothing radical here. Just the beginning of the next chapter of my journey.

I got laid off by my last newspaper in February. After some soul-searching and travel and lots of  hanging out with my son, I’ve decided on a few …

  1. I’ll never regret these few months. Hanging out with Izzy has been the greatest thing in my life. The first 19 months of his life, I wasn’t around enough. A sports writer’s life means being out at night all of the time, and being out at other times most of the time. That’s a lot of time. And I missed it.
  2. I love writing. And I wasn’t doing enough. So, here we are again.
  3. I have no idea where I’m going to be a year from now. I might be a struggling freelancer still? I could be a tech writer churning out blogs and manuals? I might be in grad school? A student-athlete tutor? A front-desk clerk? A retail salesman? No clue. But, I like that I’m changing things up.

Anyways, I’m going to use this space to put up works of mine. Writing, design, photos, etc. Whatever seems to fit that day.

Some of that will be published work (most likely from a newspaper that may or may not exist anymore). Other work will be personal. And still others will be fiction. You’ll have to decide. I may even do some reviews. And of course, I’m going to talk about my son, Izzy, and let you see some of our journeys.

My resume will be here soon as well. It needs to be.

Thanks to my friends who have stuck by. You know who you are, and I probably sent you a link to here. I promise I’ll be visiting sometime real soon.

As Melvin (BH) said … “This is just a ride…”