I enjoyed my career as a journalist. I still freelance, but right now I am a dad first and a retail worker second and journalist third.

I was laid off about a year ago now. I miss it an awful lot. I also do not miss it at all.

11+ months I’ve spent with Izzy. If I was still at a newspaper, that wouldn’t have happened. I’d still be distant dad.

Which brings me to this…

It’s a diecast car from 1999. Got it at a Jacksonville State University game I was covering as an intern at the Birmingham News. Got the schedule for NASCAR races at Talladega on it.

Don’t have much left from those days. Except the feeling I left too soon to try and save something that, most likely, already lost.

I put it on e-Bay and it sold immediately for $20. Makes me wish I’d asked $50, but what can you do…?

No need for regrets.