First short review of my attempt at 52 in 52…

Clearing the Bases” by Mike Schmidt.

I started reading this one on my toilet. I always have a “toilet book.” This one did not give me a reason to stay seated very often. So, it took a while to read.

Books by athletes either are very informative and really help you understand the person, the game, and the events that transpired during their careers. Or they simply gloss over things with huge generalizations and ho-hum insights. This book definitely falls into the latter category. I enjoyed it enough to finish it, but wouldn’t keep it to read over and over like I do. I also didn’t mark down anything as exceptional to be remembered. I would have loved a lot more on his exploits on the field. A lot more on Pete Rose. Other than, I like the guy. Put him in the Hall of Fame. Oh well. On to the next book.