This may not look like much, but sentimental value can be silly, right? Even though my old buddy Mike Dewey would disagree.

This is a beat up lanyard from East Carolina University. I got it in 2007 or ’08. I covered the ECU women’s basketball team. 

I also got laid off the first time. Right after writing one last story. I even went in early to do it. Was packing g my belongings up a little while later. Never did run that story either.

That lanyard followed me for the next 9 years. Two other newspaper jobs ended similarly. I used it while freelancing as recently as four days ago.

It’s been chewed by two dogs, rained on. Snowed on. Dropped 100s of times. Left in pressboxes. 

Now, I’m chucking it in the trash.

Why? Symbolism, I guess.