The past is fun, a bore, and a bitch.

Three things today, all quite cool and fully useless.

A sign stolen from a hotel room. I vaguely remember doing it b/c it was funny at the time. It reminds me of my ex, Emily, and our time together. We had a lot of fun, until she didn’t anymore.

The press pass is from that era. Right after she moved to Florida to get her PhD. I was supposed to follow, but like most things, I fucked around too long (figuratively, not literally), and she grew tired of waiting. I think. Never really got an answer. At least I never felt that way.

I don’t remember the game. Been to too many to separate, unless there was a reason to remember.

The John Travolta book? Another of my thrift store finds. It’s pretty cool.

And it has a bunch of cutouts of the sweathogs, probably done by Gwen Foster. Her name is written on the first page. Wonder if she still thinks of this book? Or Vinny Boberino?

Doubt it. Most people move on. I think…