like the world needs excuses. but, here is mine.

I found a job. A part-time job. Couple that with two freelance jobs and a 2 year old kid as well as searching for that elusive “next” career, I fell off the writing wagon. More correctly, I stopped writing.

However, I recently was approved for some classes at North Carolina State. I’m 3/4 of the way through the first of 12 classes to get a certification in web design and CMS. Maybe it will help me get to that “next” step, maybe it won’t. But it certainly can’t hurt.

I’ve been a front-runner for two jobs, interviewed for six.

Only one I got was a minimum-wage retail job. It’s hard getting up at 6 every morning, working 8.5 hours, then watching my son for 3 to 7 hours as I juggle freelance jobs and such. It’s why writing took a backdoor. Hell, it’s why writing always takes a backdoor — life.

No boo-hoos asked here. Just patience.

I’m going to get a new template for the blog. I don’t dig this one. Then, I’ll start to post again. Promise.

See ya.