I think about Richard Hell and the Voidoids singing. And I decided it was time to blog again.

I looked at my site, saw it’s been since Jan. 2018.


So, here I am.

Not much to say, honestly. But I miss writing every night/day. Which makes me just about like every other failed tour guide to the life of the mind

Laziness breeds indifference.

Kind of fitting for 2019.

Anyway, I found this golf ball today in my old foot locker.

No idea why I have it.

I’ve had it a long time.

I remember it.

But don’t remember the memory that should be attached. My mind is pretty damn useless sometimes.

It could be from my granddad and I playing. The one time we did.

It may just be something I took from a bar when I was drunk.

It may have been a prop from a photoshoot during the newspaper days…

It’s getting chucked in the landfill today. Whatever it is.