I don’t know when my obsession with old stereo stuff started.

I guess when I got a Panasonic record player/radio/8-track on eBay in 2000 or so. It was boxed and in perfect shape. I figure it was a return to a store a long, long time ago. The 8-track didn’t play… Then got lost on a shelf.

Used to sit, get drunk with the ex and listen to Dean Martin and punk.

I still have it. Still listen to it. It sits on my dad’s old piece of furniture with the permanent warped part where his drink used to sit.

The stereo? My kid broke the lid hinges. Crayon scribbled on the front. But that vintage sound still comes out.

Next, I saw a pair of speakers on Goodwill’s webpage for a Panasonic SE-970. Which sent me searching…

I stumbled on a youtube video. Like this one…https://youtu.be/DeO19w0iedQ

Eventually, I found a fully minty one on eBay. For almost $1,000. Uh. No thanks.

A few months later, the thrift store Gods looked upon me… And I got one, with some mouse chewings.

It did work though.

I few weeks after that (may have been months), I found a better one on eBay. So now I have 2.

I used it for a bit.

Now, they are in my closet.


Well… I got a Dual 1212.

Which is my main player. Using the SE-970 speakers.

But… These were free on Facebook…

But now I’ve seen these crazy things…

And I haven’t even told you about the jukebox…